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Karma Gives Back

Give Back Programs

Karma Gifts is happy to aid in supporting the funding of Round Table Abhinav Vidyalaya, a school set up to provide and promote education to those sections of the Indian society who are yet to explore the transformative power of education, and need it the most. Set up by Varanasi Round Table 196 and Varanasi Ladies Circle 129 in association with the Kesari Devi Trust, it aims to provide quality an affordable education to kids in the village of Mirzamurad.  Two classrooms in a school in a remote village in the outskirts of Varanasi may not change the world. But it will change one’s place in the world of every kid inside those classrooms.

Russian Orphanage #4

Russian Orphanage #4 is located in Vladivostok, Russia.  This orphanage has a special place in our hearts here at Karma.  Our donations go towards the needs of children currently living in the orphanage.

Kampong Tralach Library Project | Cambodia

Our donation will pay salaries for two teachers in this tiny "village school" along the Mekong River.

Food Backpacks 4 Kids

Food Backpacks 4 Kids is a community effort to ensure that those who need food on the weekends have access to nutritious and easy-to-prepare food. The difference this makes is a more alert and eager-to-learn student Monday morning: a student who is less disruptive and who is able to focus on academics.